The Doombringer

1 Mirtul 1479

Endings... and Beginnings...

Failure is bitter as water at the bottom of a mine….

Marlett is dead. I arrived too late. All that was left was his head, detached and branded with a symbol of three comets.

I was beset by assassins, who were also apparently hunting Marlett?!? His former adventuring comrades arrived in the nick of time to dispatch them however.

They described that a cult worshipping a “Doombringer” was responsible for Marlett’s death… they also detailed a grave threat to all of dwarvenkind, and the Realms as a whole. I will travel with them and do what I can to stop this cult.

This appears to be Marlett’s journal. Much of it is burned away, but I hope to honor his memory by keeping it .

Moradin forgive me…..



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