The Doombringer

14 Mirtul 1479

Theatre of the Damned

It seems we have joined the Theatre of the Damned… We set up “Prof.” Titus Mourn by staging a “resurrection”. He was made to think that Bazel Kuur was alive, and in Athkatla. He then led us to some other conspirators. A midnight meeting was the best chance for us to keep on the hunt. Six members of their coven met at an apothecary shop. Many concerns were floated about, but knowledge of Kuur’s mother and sister was revealed. Titus didn’t seem convinced as the others were that Kuur was dead. He will be watched by us, as he will invariably do something stupid. My duty is the heaviest.. I have to sit and drink all day and night in the Black Frog Tavern, hoping to find the one-eyed man. Connor found out that the henna’d woman is of House Khalat. She is the one who sent the assassins. Lo and behold.. the one-eyed man walked into my bar… After I determined that he is indeed the one, we tried to lure out some interest – but to no avail. All of us have gathered back at the Inn for the evening.



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