The Doombringer

3 Mirtul 1479

The Journey South

Complex plots are too much for my old head these days… The assassins were hired by Amnish agents, possibly working at the behest of a Thayan?? I spoke with the lead brigand’s spirit, and in return for finding his sister and passing on his worldly goods, he gave us the information to start tracking the murderers. We were led to a tailor shop on Silk St. Evidence pointed to a safe house for the assassins in the basement there. In that location, Thayan platinum was found. This was the blood price for Marlett’s head! Once I purchased a scroll of Object Reading, the platinum told me that a chain of scum will take us to an inn in Amn and give us a Thayan witch to question. We left this morning for Athkatla, but not before I left a note and evidence for the Flaming Fist… that tailor will be put in prison at the very least. This Friendly Arm Inn is quite comfortable, though it seems most of the others don’t care for the shorter folk…



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