The Doombringer

3 Mirtul 1479
The Journey South
Complex plots are too much for my old head these days… The assassins were hired by Amnish agents, possibly working at the behest of a Thayan?? I spoke with the lead brigand’s spirit, and in return for finding his sister and passing on his worldly goods, he gave us the information to start tracking the murderers. We were led to a tailor shop on Silk St. Evidence pointed to a safe house for the assassins in the basement there. In that location, Thayan platinum was found. This was the blood price for Marlett’s head! Once I purchased a scroll of Object Reading, the platinum told me that a chain of scum will take us to an inn in Amn and give us a Thayan witch to question. We left this morning for Athkatla, but not before I left a note and evidence for the Flaming Fist… that tailor will be put in prison at the very least. This Friendly Arm Inn is quite comfortable, though it seems most of the others don’t care for the shorter folk…
1 Mirtul 1479
Endings... and Beginnings...
Failure is bitter as water at the bottom of a mine….

Marlett is dead. I arrived too late. All that was left was his head, detached and branded with a symbol of three comets.

I was beset by assassins, who were also apparently hunting Marlett?!? His former adventuring comrades arrived in the nick of time to dispatch them however.

They described that a cult worshipping a “Doombringer” was responsible for Marlett’s death… they also detailed a grave threat to all of dwarvenkind, and the Realms as a whole. I will travel with them and do what I can to stop this cult.

This appears to be Marlett’s journal. Much of it is burned away, but I hope to honor his memory by keeping it .

Moradin forgive me…..

26 Tarsakh 1479
Sailing, Sailing, over the open sea...

On the way home, but did it have to be by boat???

27 Ches 1479
To the Cloud Peaks
Fifty gold and a couple of days later, the Abbott presented us with a map to the tomb. It’s just north of the Cloud Peaks, and we have found it. I need to keep an eye on several of us however, as wererats attacked us last night, and we were bitten. I’m not sure if that is the worst part, since one of them got away from us. At least the money for the map was worth it. Spot on. Now I just wish it weren’t.. This tomb is essentially a shrine to Demogorgon. The cult left all sorts of nasty traps, and undead/Far Realm denizens that we had to wade through. We should clear out the rest of the tomb tomorrow after our rest. I just wish it wouldn’t involve swimming through that freezing water….
23 Ches 1479
The Abbott's Information
Once the Abbott had time for us, much light was shed on the situation. Kurgen worked at this very inn as a cook for some time, but he had an ulterior motive. He and “the Thayan” were looking for Alucard’s Tomb. Risa says that he was an Amnish warlock who opposed the ruling body of that nation. He lost, but the power he commanded has brought treasure hunters from all corners of the Realms.
20 Ches 1479
On the Road to Candlekeep
We bought horses, and visited Jarwald’s female relatives before we left Baldur’s Gate. The visit was fairly frustrating, but they did point us in the direction of Candlekeep. With that information, we headed south towards that landmark. Five year old information was all we had to go on, but at least it was a direction. Along the road, we were attacked by ankhegs and stirges, but managed to get a good night’s sleep in Wilford along the way. We have finally arrived at Candlekeep however, and have taken lodging at the inn that serves it. The Abbott will not be able to see us for some days, so we will pass the time as best we can.
16 Ches 1479
A Curse at the Old Inn
We are finally taking our leisure at the Bear & Ale Tavern, and of course, it was rudely interrupted… Just before our dinner was to arrive, the innkeeper is given a letter by a messenger boy. He opens it, and wax-like energy splatters across the inn, and locks the doors. Unnatural creatures from beyond the veil appear from the wax and start tearing the patrons and place apart. We defeated the horrors, and saved most of the patrons. Once sufficiently pressed, the innkeeper (Jarwald) relates that he screwed over his twin brother to get the inn. He offered us 500gp and six months room and board to find his brother and/or the wizard who created the curse and end it. We get 50gp up front. Just after, a troop of guards from the Flaming Fist come in to investigate. One of the dead patrons is a half-orc. The guard thinks this could bring trouble. The innkeeper directs us to his mother and sister who live in the Farbank district to find out more about his brother Kurgen.
15 Ches 1479
Briefing the Duke
Upon our return to Baldur’s Gate, we reunited Tolwin with is father, and are brought before the Duke to relate our information about the cult, the portal to the Feywild, and everything else we have encountered along the way. We are given palatial accommodations for the night, and rewarded with 500gp.
14 Ches 1479
Into the Feywild
Risa and I were on watch, and were shocked to find a creature had wandered into our camp. It was a pale humanoid, that appeared more dead than alive, but it was not exactly undead. More shocking was that it claimed to be Dorgen. Risa had heard of such a thing; called a Revenant – a person sent back to the mortal realm by Kelemvor or the Raven Queen to finish tasks undone. He tells us that he is now to be referred to as Graves. The guardians of the feywild pool were no match for us, and we quickly folled the ley-lines into the woods outside. They led us to a pillar with an inscription on it: “Lose veil at dusk”

We waited until dusj, and a shimmering veil appeared. Once entered, we found ourselves in the Feywild.
Inside, we encountered a hoofed… woman named Meadhbh (Maeve). She took us to Tolwin, whom we finally convinced to return with us (humans seem to be enraptured by long times spent in the Feywild).
On the way back to the portal, we were halted by a group of Eladrin warriors led by a “Lord Imaril”. He wanted to know all about the sorceress and the machine she was using.

13 Ches 1479
The Fall of a Comrade
We had to fight our way into the crypt.. skeletons and a spectre could not keep us out. Once inside, we found a strange device. Energy coursed up a conduit into a tunnel – all appearing to power a larger machine. Many kinds of creatures protected this machine. Once they were defeated, we could destroy it, and interrupt the power flow to the central device. In the central cavern, we found the origins of all the ills that Wilford has endured. A foul sorceress and her minions are controlling 2 power sources for some strange machine. RIsa and Neylia think that it is trying to harness the power of the Shadowfell and Feywild to do something unnatural. We defeated the wench and her troops, but not without cost. Dorgen fell to a terrible icy spell that she laid upon us. Tomorrow, we will have to advance and clear the hallway leading to the Feywild portal.

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