Baldur's Gate

The Campaign begins in the city of Baldur’s Gate

City Facts

Population Types: 58% Human, 15% Elf, 11% Eladrin, 5% Dwarf, 5% Half-Elf, 2% Dragonborn, 1% Halfling, 1% Gnome, 1% Rare Races (0.2% Deva, 0.4% Shifter, 0.3% Genasi, 0.1% Other), 1% Humanoids (0.4% Half-Orc, 0.2% Orc. 0.2% Goblin, 0.1% Hobgoblin, 0.1% Other)

Area: Bloomridge – The Inner City (aka The Old City or The Crescent) ~ 1.05 sq miles

The Outer City – The Thirteen Districts (aka The New City) ~ 2.32 sq miles

Common Knowledge

Baldur’s Gate has seen a recent restructuring of its government. After the city nearly fell to Grand Duke Valarken and an external force of lycanthropes called the Band of the Red Moon, surviving Grand Duke Portyr instituted a parliament to better balance city power. One can hardly spend an hour in the city without seeing one or more members of the Flaming Fists. This mercenary band is so ensconced in the city that it now serves as Baldur’s Gate semiofficial patrol.

People of Baldur’s Gate

As long as one obeys the laws, anyone is free to walk the streets of Baldur’s Gate. The city prides itself on being an open place where anyone can become a citizen or start a new life, regardless of race or background. Still, one is unlikely to see many trolls, orcs, ogres, or drow walking the streets. The city’s population is mostly human, with significant numbers of eladrin and elves as well.

The city’s rapid expansion has given rise to several new neighborhoods, though the older neighborhoods persist. Many of the newer neighborhoods are organized around the inhabitants’ original region or their race, whereas the older boroughs remain composed of racially mixed original citizens.

Baldur’s Gate has an active thieves’ guild, though it is kept in check by the Flaming Fists, mercenaries who act as city guards. Ultimately, the true power in Baldur’s Gate lies with the merchants.

City Districts

The heart of Baldur’s Gate lies within the old, high walls, but the city has spread across the River Chionthar and for miles in every direction. Built quickly and by the hands of refugees, the architecture is a hodgepodge of styles from all across Toril. Streets meander in a maze visitors find impossible to navigate. Despite these impediments, districts and neighborhoods have emerged, providing local color and character that only the natives can pick out from among the architectural morass.

Baldur's Gate

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